24 July 2019

Millennial Economics

Our air is cleaner, our medicines work better, our buildings and our food and our factories and our cars are safer, and we are drinking new information out of a firehose. 

But, that doesn't mean that the current generation hasn't seriously regressed in terms of economic security and shared prosperity.

I also call attention to a reality that few politically active people on the left like to acknowledge, mangaka Riana's comment that: "This affects both of us since we live together" which is true of most people in our economy, despite our stubborn insistence on an individualistic oriented worldview. Even at the most basic personal household level, your well being is usually not entirely a product of your own personal fortunes.

This also calls attention to the recurring issue that we as a society don't do a wonderful job of funding the arts and cultural pursuits although we could certainly do worse as well.

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Dave Barnes said...

I can only say: get a real job.
As someone who runs an adblocker (ghostery), I have no sympathy for people whose income depends upon ads on websites.