09 August 2005

More Metablogging.

Last week I discussed Blog Spam. Today, more kinds of useless, to me, blogs.

First off, there are the non-English language blogs. Don't get me wrong. The Internet is an international medium and they have every right to be there. And, they are there in force with a far higher signal to noise ratio than the English language blogs. Maybe half of non-spam blogs are not in English. But, I can't read them, so I quickly pass them by.

Within English language, non-spam blogs there are also numerous genres.

One of the more annoying is the abandoned blog. Someone posts one or twice or three times and that's it. These rarely have quality content in the posts that they have either. Some of these will become good blogs and are just very new, but most won't.

Another catgory is the "God blog". These contain prayers, efforts to convert the unconverted, and other religious stuff which have a MEGO (my eyes glaze over) effect on me. The next blog button gets hit quickly when I arrive at these.

This leaves mostly three categories of blogs. The best of them is the photoblog. Pictures are fun and sometimes beautiful and easy to absorb quickly. The second is the serious blog, like this one. The third is the "dear diary" blog which basically contains details on someone's very boring personal life, usually all in lower case letters and irregular formatting, although occassionally more witty.

I wish there were a way to screen out all but the last three categories to get a better sense of the content worth looking at at blogspot, but apparently that isn't possible. I can dream, I guess.

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