12 August 2005

Rutt Bridges Out.

Rutt Bridges is out of the race to be Governor of Colorado, leaving only Bill Ritter as an announced candidate in the race. Joan Fitz-Gerald, Mark Udall, and John Hickenlooper are the most likely to enter the race (Ritter is naturally going to attact primary opposition because he is pro-life and was soft on police brutality while he was DA).

I'm not surprised. When I saw him run for Senate, it was clear that while he was a decent guy that he had no knack for being a candidate. Now, he's come to understand this himself.

Bridges does get particular kudos for one thing that is ever so rare in politics. Rather than letting rumors about his motives for what he did fester, he promptly quashed them when they arose. The rest of the political caste in this nation would do well to learn from his example. As the former President of CU learned recently, if you don't engage the blogosphere, it will devour you.

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