30 October 2006

1900 Posts

My posting rate here at Wash Park Prophet has slowed significantly since I started also blogging at Colorado Confidential, but thankfully, the traffic here has remained steady. Loyal readers, you are appreciated.

The other downside of intense political posting, and this will ease up a little once the must cover topics leading up to the election are well in hand, is that a number of interesting stories have escaped comment.

Some I will probably get too, like the fact that there are 159 coal fired power plants on the drawing boards for the next quarter century. Others will be hit and miss, like the facinating debate arising over the state of string theory stirred up by Woit and Smolin's new books (for once, I can say that these are people and ideas I was quite familiar with long before everyone else was aware of them). Some will also certainly be lost in the shuffle, like an examination of what Lula's re-election in Brazil means, and a review of one of Lone Tree's new coffee shops.

After the election (I use that phrase often enough to make it an acrynom, as do most of those around me these days), I'm planning on shifting back to more reflective writing. For now, reflection will have to be fleeting.

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