27 October 2006

Nervousness Confirmed

My worries about the New Jersey domestic partnership case's impact on Colorado has been coroborated. The Grand Junction Sentinel has decided to endorse a "Yes" vote on Amendment 43 (constitutional "one man, one woman" marriage definition), reversing a previous "No" endorsement.


Dex said...

mmmkay - i could be wrong. but i still hold out hope that the war and corruption's moved us past the politics of gay marriage cooties.

Anonymous said...

Interesting column in The Daily Sentinel, which is always conservative, so naturally is opposed to gay rights. They want to be doubly certain that gay marriage can never happen. The problem is that we live in a state that passed an Amendment 2 a few years ago which was clearly unconstitutional. In other words, Amendment 43 will pass, and I will be defeated.