27 October 2006

Army Realignment

While the U.S. military as a whole, in part due to Office of Management and Budget decisions made in the White House, has been slow to recognize that it allocation of resources is a poor fit for current demands, the Army has been less slow to respond in allocating its internal resources:

"Pentagon records show one-fifth of the Army's active-duty troops have served multiple tours of war duty while more than 40% haven't been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan," reports USA Today.

So the Army is "realign[ing] its forces to prevent a small slice of soldiers who are shouldering much of the fighting from wearing out."

"The Army is moving soldiers from specialties such as artillery and air defense to high-demand roles: infantry, engineering, military police and intelligence, Special Forces, civil affairs and psychological operations" [according to the Army]

This is old news, but bear recalling.

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