25 September 2007

Big Three Automobile Industry Factories

The Big Three Autombile Industry companies have combined North American factories in the following states:

Michigan 56
Ohio 18
Indiana 8
Missouri 6
New York 4
Kentucky 3
Illinois 3
Delaware 2
Kansas 2 (Kansas City aka Fairfax)
Wisconsin 2
Georgia 1
Louisiana 1
Tennessee 1
Texas 1 (Arlington)
Virginia 1

Abroad in North America:
Ontario 14
Mexico 9
Quebec 1

Aside from the Mexican plants, there are only seven automobile factories in North America (all of which are General Motors plants) that are more than a few miles West of the Mississippi or South of the Mason-Dixon line. The Arlington, Texas plant is the furtherest West within the United States. The Virginia plant and Quebec plant are also General Motors plants.

There are only six automobile factories in the Northeast (all but two of which are General Motors plants), four in New York State and two in Delaware. One of the New York GM factory is scheduled to close in 2008, leaving two New York factories in the Buffalo area and one near the Hudson River in a little North of New York City.

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