06 November 2007

Election Day

It is election day. It is too late to mail your ballot, but you can deliver it to a drop off location. The Denver Clerk and Recorder's report, as of the close of business Monday (reordered with apparent relationships):

Ballots Mailed/Issued 210,209
- Ballots Returned 71,000(approx.)
- Undeliverable Ballots 18,000 (approx.)
= Ballots Yet to be returned 124,057 (approx.)

Percentage Turnout to Date 33.8% (approx.) (Ballots Returned/(Ballots Mailed/Issued))

Ballots Returned to Drop-Off Locations 23,399 (as of 11/5/2007)
Ballots Mailed in 48,000 (approx.)(inferrred)

Completed Ballots (Ready to be Counted) 65,611
Ballots returned without a signature 169
Ballots Counted (Not tallied) 60,000

Given historical averages, I would expect about 13,000 ballots to be dropped off or received in the mail today by the Denver Clerk and Recorder (this would be a low side 40% turnout).

For information about drop off locations, click on Denver Clerk and Recorder Elections Division in the sidebar.

I'll be curious to see how soon results come in today after the drop off period ends. The Clerk will have received 80% or more of the ballots before today, so the first preliminary announcement of results should leave most of the races and issues foregone conclusions immediately.

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