02 November 2007

Kevin Elwell Another IP Abuser

Greenville, South Carolina lawyer Kevin M. Elwell (who appears to be the same as this lawyer) was sanctioned for improper conduct in connection with a losing IP suit against a blogger who criticized his client's business.

Elwell lost the case on a motion for summary judgment brought by the blogger representing himself, in which the court took pains to explain just how weak the case brought was on the law. The legal theories and tactics he employed in the case described in the linked opinion strongly indicate that Kevin M. Elwell is a grossly incompetent and unethical attorney. The judge was entirely too lenient in sanctioning him in the case linked above which was frivilous.

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Off Colfax said...

You know, Andrew, I think this opinion has a much broader reach than simply the sanctioning of an incompetent attorney. Reference pages 11 and 12 for what I believe is the first legal opinion as to what constitutes the dividing line between journalism and blogging.

This one gets saved into my "Stuff To Write About" file.