01 November 2007

Renegade Crafters On 2007 DPS Election

Jose Silva dropped out of the District 5 race with good reason, his spelling in his formal platform was dismal.

At large candidate Rita Montero has more history than any other source has mentioned. Specifically, she headed "the effort to pass an English-only schools initiative in Colorado." backed by a California millionaire, Mr. Unz.

Unveiling the initiative alongside Unz in a June 19 press conference, Montero denounced bilingual education as "the last bastion of the Chicano movement." Too bad that press accounts omitted details of her own radical past.

In May 1974, six of Montero's friends were killed by explosions in Boulder while – according to police – they were assembling car bombs. Two days after the second blast, Montero herself was arrested following a high-speed chase. Police searched her car and found a suspicious timer they said could be used in bomb-making. She denied involvement with any terrorist activity, however, and refused to cooperate with a grand jury investigation. She was never charged.

A 1995 Westword story is the basis of the latter allegation.

Candidate Curcio is faulted by the crafters for not showing any indication in his campaign material that he, a white man, has any Latino supporters, in the most heavily Latino school board district in the City. The organizations led by the top candidates are linked as are their websites.

Arturo Jimenez still has my doubts, however, for misleading campaign materials falsely indicating that he was endorsed by two school principals who didn't endorse him. Commets at the site reiterate the lack of qualifications of Raymond J Gutierrez.

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