28 October 2008

Coming Attractions

On December 4, 2008, I will be part of a faculty panel in a continuing legal education class entitled "An Attorney's Guide To Asset Protection." My presentation will discuss "Safeguarding Your Assets From Would-Be Creditors" and "In Your Client's Best Interest - Ethical Consideration."

My colleagues at the December 4, 2008 presentation, Edward D. Brown and Frank James Danzo II, will be discussing "Asset Protection Through Integrated Estate Planning", "The Role of Asset Protection In Estate Planning," and "The Best Tools For State and Federal Estate, Inheritance and Gift Tax."

I will also be presenting a paper at the May 2009 Law and Society Annual Meeting in Denver, titled: “This Financial Crisis Was Brought To You By The Internal Revenue Code.” It will argue that:

Tax incentives that favor personal debt, favor corporate debt over equity, and favor executive compensation modes such as stock options have shaped American attitudes towards risk and debt among both elites and ordinary people that helped create the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008. These choices flow from societal values formed in prior panics. In contrast, tax incentives in Continental Europe have been important in driving a societal distaste for debt and risk that has reduced systemic risk there.

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