06 October 2008

Meet The Bailout Czar

Nobody can accuse the Bush Administration discriminating against the young and inexperienced. George W. Bush would make Kennedy's Camelot crew blush.

After putting a very inexperienced young woman in charge of immigrations and customs enforcement, and putting a group of six very inexperienced people in charge of running the Iraqi reconstruction, the Bush Administation has now put a 35 year old fellow with four years of experience at Goldman Sachs, and two years of experience in the Treasury Department as a junior political appointee, in charge of the $700 billion financial sector bailout. Before going to business school, he was an engineer.

I'm sure he is a smart and smooth guy. But, one has to wonder is he has the experience necessary to run a program with a budget bigger than the Department of Defense or the Social Security program.

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Dex said...

i'm smart. and a good dresser.

can i haz treazuree now?