10 February 2009

Denver Democrats Reorganize

The Democratic Party of Denver elected a new slate of officer this past Sunday at their biannual reorganization, along with a host of other minor Democratic party muckety-mucks.

Cindy Lowry is our new chair, Jennifer Jacobson is our new vice chair, Owen Perkins is the new secretary, and Ed Hall is the new treasurer. Outgoing county party secretary and Denver Pols website manager Dan Willis has summarized the results for other key post.

None of the four new officers are incumbents, although Jennifer Jacobson was previously the only paid employee of the party in her capacity as Director of Operations (a post she held from 2006 until a couple of weeks before the reorganization), and Ed Hall was previously active in party fund raising and operations, in part assisting me in my position as Treasurer along with Assistant Treasurer Gordon Blakenship. Cindy Lowry has previously run for public office. Owen Perkins has long been active in the non-profit sector. This group of officers, like the outgoing set, continue the generational shift of the party's officer group from the generation of Democrats who lead the party under Sharon Klein (party chair through February 2007 for multiple terms) and her predecessors.

Karen Hart has taken the Director of Operations position previously held by Jennifer Jacobson with the party. In just a couple of weeks, the Democratic Party of Denver will move from its offices between 7th and 8th on Sherman Street to 574 S. Broadway, in Denver, of course. The new offices offer easier after hours access, more square feet, lower rent, and closer proximity to light rail.

This menas that I am no longer Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Denver, a post in which I had a rewarding and productive, but demanding, two years. But, my family wanted to seem me now and again, and contrary to public belief, becoming a partner of a law firm, as I did a little more than a year ago, does not leave you with more free time either. I've kept my finger in some minor pots (as precinct committee person, county rules committee member and an alternate member of a state level committee that meets infrequently), but it will still be a far less demanding level of commitment.

Jennifer Jacobson also just gave birth to a daughter, her first child, a stupendous feat upon which we congratulate her, although becoming a parent, like becoming a county political party officer, can mean long hours of work only recognized long after the fact.

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