06 February 2009

WMUB to go dormant.

I grew up mostly in Oxford, Ohio, home of Miami University of Ohio. The university owns WMUB, which is a top notch station in the national public radio network. WMUB features jazz, much of it of the big band and swing variety, and polished local news content.

No other station of which I am aware in Ohio has similar music offerings, and indeed, there aren't that many other jazz stations in the nation. Even fewer stations feature WMUB's subset of the diverse jazz genre. Most commercial jazz stations offer "cool jazz" (i.e. elevator music). Denver boasts KUVO, a public radio station that is light on news and heavy on somewhat more modern "coffee shop" jazz, in addition to a classical music station, a news only station, and one or two more eclectic and lower powered public radio stations. I've been an off and on KUVO member.

Sadly, effective March 2009, WMUB will shut down its operations and be retooled as a staff free rebroadcast point for another public radio station from Cincinnati, Ohio. The university will not be letting its license lapse, but the shut down is indefinite.

Financial pressures on Miami University, no doubt related to the national financial crisis, are an important factor in the decision. Of course, this also means yet more layoffs in an already struggling news industry.

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Anonymous said...

we are all very sad about it. it will be a big loss