13 May 2009

Denver Post Not Available Statewide

The Denver Post will no longer offer newspaper delivery of anything but its Sunday edition to much of the state, including most of the Western Slope and Southern Colorado, starting this summer.

Prior to the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, the Rocky had served primarily the Denver metro area, while the Post had a statewide orientation. But, apparently, while this gave the Post higher paid circulation, it was not cost effective.

One expects that coverage of state news outside its subscription area will decline as well.


Michael Malak said...

As I commented here in January, the geographical division of newspapers is somewhat arbitrary in that it is influenced by the need to distribute atoms. On the Internet, news is a dichotomy of international and hyperlocal. And I would be surprised if even remote areas of Colorado are unable to get both types from the Internet -- from blogs and discussion forums, even if there is no "official" news agency.

Dave Barnes said...


I presume you read this "memo of delusion" http://poynter.org/column.asp?id=45&aid=163508


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks for the heads up. Newspapers that offer less online, while charging more, certainly isn't a possibility I relish.

It could be almost acceptable if subscribers like myself don't have to pay extra for online content (and a lot of bloggers and heavy users of the online site are also subscribers). My beloved Science News used to do this but no longer does. But, I fear that everyone will have to pay to register for full online use under this plan.

Dave Barnes said...

"everyone will have to pay to register for full online use"

Uh, no, they won't. Have you seen the [unscientific] polling data on this issue?

No one is willing to pay.