18 May 2009

Late To Dance In SD 31 Vacancy Race

John S. Wren has announced late in the game that he is adding his name to the eight people already running to replace Jennifer Veiga in the State Senate. He describes himself as a "business consultant and adult educator" who "has also served President of . . . the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association[.]" He has a long and reasonably solid looking resume which he has distributed by e-mail.

But, I have to be honest. I've recently received some direct marketing of his business consulting services which has, rightly or wrongly, not left me favorably inclined towards his run. Simply put, the e-mail ad I received came across to me as misleading and too close in style to other disreputable advertising for comfort. I dispatched it to my junk e-mail box.

Keep in mind, Attorney General Ken Salazar's main claim to fame when he run for U.S. Senate was his work on a state no call list.

I'm also not too impressed with someone who launches their campaign this late in the game, after other candidates have campaigned much longer and hence shown more initiative. An ability to run a good campaign is a key attribute of any candidate. I first heard of his run today, although his press release is dated Saturday. The election is on Wednesday. The candidate forums are over. Is this a real run, or just a way to generate some free press for his business?

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John Scott Wren said...

I came into the race after there was no substantial discussion of the issues I think are important. Nominations are allowed from the floor.

Regardless of who is selected, the real election is in 2010.

This is not a late start but a very early start.

Sounds like you don't care for junk mail. Me either. With computers it's easy to take you off the list.

John Wren