26 May 2009

Scapegoating With Extra Scapegoating

The conservative magazine, Sam Schulman at The Weekly Standard condemns gay marriage, by condemning almost everybody else in the process. Among those scapegoated are:

* Mixed faith married people.
* Mixed nationality married people.
* Married people who have sex for purposes other than child bearing.
* People who have sex before marriage.
* People who have sex without someone other than their spouse during marriage.
* People who don't marry at the beginning of adulthood.
* People whose families would like, rather than loathe, each other in the absence of a marriage.
* Unmarried people who have sex who are a same sex couple.
* Married people who have sex who are a same sex couple.
* Same sex couples who built relationships with extended family.
* Unmarried women who don't feel they need marriage to protect them "from rape, degradation, and concubinage."
* State supreme court justices with degrees from middling law schools.
* Gays who "hold jobs--even as teachers and members of the clergy; . . .become elected officials, secret agents, and adoptive parents; and . . . live together in public, long-term relationships[.]"

We are also advised, by our thrice married male author, that marriage means the horrible suffering involved in surrendering "the dream of gratifying our immediate erotic desires" in favor of a wife, because "the granite underpinnings of marriage" are necessary for "domestic ecstasy." We are told that "without social disapproval of unmarried sex--what kind of madman would seek marriage?"

And what is unimportant about marriage? Well, "living forever with one's soulmate, loyalty, fidelity, warmth, a happy home, shopping, and parenting [or] arranging a happy home in which two hearts may beat as one--in fact marriage is actually pretty indifferent to that particular aim. Nor has marriage historically concerned itself with compelling the particular male and female who have created a child to live together and care for that child."

Who is this idiot and why does he get published? (Not surprisingly, he also hates atheists for questionable reasons and thinks that the Democratic party is the anti-Semitic party.)

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