03 August 2009

Quote of the Day

Elevator full of people stopping, dramatic.

Waiting for rescue, annoying.

Taking stock of fellow passengers and thinking about long term food options, disturbing.

Escaping, easily accomplished.

Crossing off “getting stuck in elevator” from your list of ToDo’s in life and getting to start a post with “I never thought it would happen to me”, well, thats the good stuff.

- my friend Jason Milgram, after freeing himself and half a dozen other passengers from an elevator that stopped and wouldn't open.

The ease of his escape could be attributed to good elevator engineering, his time in the National Guard, secret knowledge imparted at his Bar Mitzvah, bionic powers imparted in his recent treatment for a fractured rib, or his computer programming expertise. But, I'd prefer to attribute it to the time we spent pretending we were ninjas and spies in junior high school, which is clearly more relevant.


Unknown said...

Great times growing up in Oxford, Ohio. I wonder if there are any remains of our forts in the woods behind your parent’s house.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

There are. My kids play in them now when they visit grandpa.