20 August 2009

Traffic Report

A lot of my posts are academic style posts about the law, and I was formerly employed as a professor, a title that still appears, harmlessly, on my Colorado bar magazine subscription. So, blogs by law professors are a good category of blogs to use as a visitor traffic comparison point for this blog.

By that measure, this blog would rank 30th in the nation in terms of annual visitor traffic if it were a law prof blog, since this blog receives just under 179,000 visitors per year (about 200 per day), as measured by Site Meter. It would also rank 30th as measured by page views.

I read about and sometimes comment at ten of the thirty most popular law professor blogs on a regular or irregular basis. Also, at least four or five of those more popular blogs are group blogs that regularly have multiple authors. This little piece of Internet real estate, in contrast, is a purely solo operation and so isn't strictly comparable. More authors create a capacity to make more posts and hence to generate more traffic.

Technorati, which measures blogs by the number of recent links made to them by other blogs, would be considerably less charitable. While it doesn't have a separate category for law professor blogs, it ranks my blog at a meager 371,741th compared to all other blogs. Google's search engine, in contrast, seems to like this blog a great deal, ranking it absurdly high on an eclectic variety of topics (perhaps because not many people other than me care enough to write about them).


Steve Balboni said...

I hadn't realized that you were a professor. It makes sense though, your posts are academic - in a very good way.

redstateblues said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has WPP on their blog roll.

Dave Barnes said...

Want traffic?
Just write "New Orleans is doomed".