13 November 2009

University of Colorado Law Correction

It turns out that 35% of University of Colorado Law grads are unemployed at graduation, not 65% as previously reported in the press. To spread the horror, at the University of Texas today (Friday the 13th no less), one of the highlighted jobs of the week at the law school's career services office was:

"Legal Assistant/Nanny"

There is nothing wrong with a job that has both administrative and child care responsibilities, "personal assistant" amounts to the same thing, and the prospective employer deserves credit for being honest, rather than slipping child care responsibilities into a job billed as a legal assistant position.

But, in ordinary times, one would think that the best jobs available for graduates of a fairly selective law school would be better. Apparently, simply being in the same building as lawyers is the best that a graduating law student can hope for these days.

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