04 November 2009

Other News

November 3 in history:

0644 - Kalief Omar I injured during assassination attempt
1394 - Jews are expelled from France by Charles VI
1493 - Christopher Columbus discovers island of Dominica
1527 - Ferdinand of Austria/Bohemia chosen as king of Hungary
1529 - London: 1st sitting of the Reformation Parliament
1534 - English parliament accepts Act of Supremacy: Henry VIII church leader
1620 - Great Patent granted to Plymouth Colony
1655 - England & France sign miltary & economic treaties
1656 - Treaty of Vilnius Russia/Poland sign anti-Swedish covenant [NS]
1676 - Kara Mustafa succeeds Ahmed K”prl as Turkish grand vizier
1679 - Great panic occurs in Europe over close approach of a comet
1716 - Pacification Treaty of Warsaw: Czar Peter the Great guarantees Saxon monarch August I's Polish kingdom
1762 - England & Spain signs Treaty of Paris
1762 - Spain acquires Louisiana
1783 - Washington orders Continental Army disbanded
1791 - Battle at Wabash: Indians assault general St Clair/killed 637 soldiers
1794 - French troops conquer Maastricht

Yesterday, a Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to solemnize interracial marriages resigned from office.

Also yesterday, the Board of Directors of General Motors voted to reorganize, rather than sell, its European Opel division. This is the first major break the now government and union controlled entity has seen from its pre-bankruptcy corporate policies. Fellow post-bankruptcy automaker Chrysler's sales were down 30% from the prior year in October, far worse than its U.S. and foreign competitors and the overall market.

The restaurant chain (Landry's) that owns the Downtown Aquarium in Denver was acquired for $1.2 million in cash by its CEO who was already a 55% owner.

Today, 22 CIA agents were convicted of kidnapping, in absentia, by an Italian court in connection with the extrajudicial seizure of a Muslim man in Italy as part of a Bush Administration "extraordinary rendition" program targeted at suspected terrorists and conducted without Italian involvement.

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Dave Barnes said...

"1394 - Jews are expelled from France by Charles VI"

And, when will they be welcomed back?