13 November 2009

Vampires, Camp Style

Christopher Moore

It is possible to tell the similar stories as serious dramas (think of the most recent Batman movies), and as melodramatic campy comedies (think of the 1970s Batman TV serial).

The same applies to vampires. If you want serious (albeit saccharine) dramatic romance, you can read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. The second book in that series, New Moon, is coming to the big screen this month. New Moon is the best of the four books, portraying the agony of heartbreak and depression as well as more respectable classic literature, although I don't have particularly high hopes for the movie. (Yes, I'm a fan whose read most of the books twice and even an unfinished fifth book online.)

But, suppose you want a version of that kind of story full of inanity, overblown cliche, and pure campy hilarity, complimented with a healthy dose of San Francisco local color, including a modern incarnation of Emperor Norton I, a 19th century local eccentric and city legend. In that case, you have to read "You Suck!" by Christopher Moore.

Have a happy unlucky day.

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