05 April 2010

It's Not Fair If Democrats Can Vote?

If the bill became law, Colorado voters could register up to the Friday before the Nov. 2 general election this year. By 2012, Coloradans could register and vote on the same day, as the bill is currently written. . . . Myriad provisions include changes that would allow teens starting at 16 to pre-register to vote . . . . Colorado currently requires voters to register 29 days before an election.

Nine states and the District of Columbia allow same-day registration and voting.

One of the most recent to make the change, Montana, saw 3,947 people register on Election Day in 2006, and another 3,535 registered within 30 days of the election after the change was made. . . . In Montana's 2006 experience, Election Day registration produced huge lines at clerks' offices and a two-day delay in vote counting. But voter turnout set records in some counties for a non-presidential election. . . . The move has Republican Rep. Frank McNulty, who oversees much of the GOP's election strategy for the state House, crying foul over what he sees as a policy that could favor Democrats.

"The Democrats see this as their last, best opportunity to put in place mechanisms that give them an unfair advantage in the election process," said McNulty, of Highlands Ranch. "They don't know what will happen in November, but they have the votes in the House and Senate now."

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I have no idea why it is unfair advantage to allow people who are eligible to vote be allowed to register later now that we can keep track of the information with computers avoiding any fraud risk. But, in the Republican view of the world, bureaucratic disenfranchisement is apparently critical to electoral fairness.

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Dave Barnes said...

Only male property owners should be able to vote. As our founding FATHERS intended.