29 April 2010

When It Rains It Pours

I'm really not someone prone to magical thinking. But, some superstitions seem all too true.

Monday through Wednesday, I am in my office for all of my usual hours and a little more. Does the phone ring on anything I've been working on lately? Yes, but not often. The phone was certainly more quiet than usual.

This morning, I decide to work from home in the morning for a change of pace (ah, the joys of telecommuting and being your own boss). What happens?

I come into my office this afternoon, sit down at my desk and my voice mail box is absolutely full of messages. The messages outnumber the number of calls I received in the first three days of the week.

I can think of no rational reason that everyone in the world had a sudden urge to call me on this particular Thursday morning. The voice messages were on completely unrelated matters. But, this is what happened. Go figure. Maybe I should spend a morning out of the office a little more frequently.


T.R. Donoghue said...

Oh how I loathe voicemail.

Working out of the office a few days this week myself. Sometimes when you need a few hours of uninterrupted reading or writing time it's the only way.

Unknown said...

The weather was lousy today and wonderful yesterday. Obviously, people were catching up after playing hooky.

Michael Malak said...

I agree with Kelly. There is a heartbeat or groupthink to society that can explain these coincidences -- driven by things such as weather, holidays, and drudgereport.com