16 June 2010

Terrorism in Glendale, Colorado

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility over the Internet for the April 30 arson of the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale, Colorado (less than a block from my office on Colorado Boulevard).

The website for the activists' magazine, Bite Back, posted a comment from "ALF Lone Wolf," who also claimed responsibility for a May 31 attack on a leather store in Salt Lake City.

"The arson at the Sheepskin Factory in Denver was done in defense and retaliation for all the innocent animals that have died cruelly at the hands of human oppressors," the post stated. "Be warned that making a living from the use and abuse of animals will not be tolerated. Also be warned that leather is every bit as evil as fur. As demonstrated in my recent arson against the Leather Factory in Salt Lake City. Go vegan!"

A security camera captured a late night arsonist at the Sheepskin Factory, but the hoodie that the person was wearing and the distance from the camera made the person basically unidentifiable.

Given the track record of the Animal Liberation Front, I'm inclined to believe it.

Life is stranger than fiction.

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