02 November 2010

Early Colorado Results

* Perlmutter (D) (CO-7) wins easily. Safe races in CO-1 (D), CO-2 (D), CO-5 (R), and CO-6 (R) turn out as expected.

* There are no upsets in any of the three State School Board district races, and two CU Regent At Large Races, all of which keep their party affiliation. The CU Regent At Large race is still close.

* Bernie Buescher (D) (CO SOS) wins on strength of 15% of voters favoring American Constitution Party candidate. The Colorado Treasurer and Colorado AG races are still close.

* All Appellate Judges are being retained despite Clear the Bench efforts to the contrary.

* Hickenlooper looks almost sure to win due to a split ticket with Tancredo on the American Constitution Party, probably reducing the GOP nominee Maes to less than 10% making it a minor party.

* All numbered state ballot issues (60, 61, 62, 63, 101 and 102) are heading to defeat. None were surprises except 102 (bail bonds) which there was no polling on, but it is going down to defeat by a 2-1 margin.

* Almost all local ballot issues on permitting medical marijuana dispensaries in a locality are coming out anti-marijuana.

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