01 November 2010

Likely Non-Colorado Ballot Initiative Results

Polling is available on a variety of ballot issues facing voters tomorrow in the U.S. mid-term elections.

Favored to win in the most recent polls (some dated and probably overstating support for the measures) are:

* A measure allowing electronic bingo in Alabama.
* A hunter's rights measure in Arkansas.
* A California measures providing for public funding of some elections.
* A military homestead property tax exemption in Florida.
* A property tax cap in Indiana.
* A measure to allow slot machines in Kentucky.
* Term limits for state elected officials in Oklahoma.
* A measure to make English the official language of Oklahoma and allow Native American languages to be used, and otherwise allowing other languages to be used only when required by federal law.
* A smoking ban in South Dakota.

Some of the measures likely to be defeated include:
* A measure to give Nevada a Colorado style merits system for selecting judges.

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