11 November 2010

Mothers and Daughters

We've been anticipating the day for a while. I predicted it would happen now, plus or minus a few months, about three years ago. Today, our middle school aged daughter and my wife are exactly the same height.

Since my wife is almost the same height as her sister and her mother, there are now four women in the family who can all trade clothes with each other.

Of course, this won't last. In a year or two, my wife will be getting her last hand me downs from my daughter who, like my son, appears to take after me in stature (I'm a little over 6'1", which is the height that he's roughly on track to reach right now).

The timing isn't bad. As a middle schooler, wearing your mother or grandmother or aunt's clothes is a rite of growing up. When you're in high school, in contrast, wearing your mother or grandmother or aunt's clothes is simply proof that you have no fashion sense.

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Michael Malak said...

Wearing mother's clothes? Not fashionable. Wearing grandmother's clothes? Possibly fashionable.