12 April 2011

Kudos To Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk, in the sidebar, recounts the high praise that it has received as a leading econ blog from the mainstream media. Regular readers of this blog will know that I cite to it frequently.

A bit like How Appealing (also in the sidebar) in the legal area, it is mostly an information aggregating blog with some fairly basic analysis, rather than a place for long form analysis in depth, or economic theory, or anything more than the most narrow forms of political economy (mostly related to the effectiveness of various specific financial crisis responses). Like other good information aggregating blogs, there are usually several new posts every day. It monitors the key economic indicators, with a focus on housing, the bond markets and unemployment (I presume the author is a debt security or housing industry financial analyst of some type), with enough massaging to capture what is meaningful about them, and a sidebar that includes headlines from most of the leading econ blogs in the blogosphere.

The comment to the posts are numerous but worthless. The original posts, however, offer the fact you need to understand, in an evidence based way from credible sources, what is going on in the macroeconomy.

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