20 July 2011

Blog Traffic Report

Wash Park Prophet has about the same amount of traffic as measured by either visitors or page views, as the Wills, Trusts and Estates blog, which is the 20th most visited law prof blog. Moreover, while many of the most frequently visited law prof blogs are the efforts of a group of regular contributors, this is a one man show.


Jude said...

That's what always astonishes me--how you find so much time to write. I ran into an acquaintance a few years after college. He was an amazing artist, but he was driving a bus at Mesa Verde. I told him how I'd fallen in love with one of his paintings at a student art show, but I didn't have $100 to spend on it. "Are you still painting?" I asked him. "Oh, yes, and I make a lot of money every time I sell a painting. A painting like the one you fell in love with would cost you $3,000 now. The problem is that I paint too slowly, so I have to take on side jobs to support my family." You definitely don't "paint too slowly."

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

I'm sure that my disregard for rasonably copy editing standards helps.