19 July 2011

There Are Still Idiots In Local Government

The City Council in Gould, Arkansas wants a police state, constitution be damned. More here, which restates pertinent parts of the ordinance adopted contrary to the recommendation of the Mayor and the City Attorney:

The Mayor of the City of Guild shall not call special meetings to discuss City business without two thirds of the City Council’s vote to do so.

The Mayor nor City Council members shall attend or participate in any meetings with any organization in any location without City Council approval by two thirds [vote].

The Gould Citizens Advisory Council by passage of this ordinance is hereby banned from doing business in the City of Gould.

That the said Council is, in effect, causing confusion and discourse [sic] among the citizens of Gould and as a result is contributing to the friction not only between the Mayor and Council but also among the citizens who deserve a cooperative government.

[N]o new organizations shall be allowed to exist in the City of Gould without approval from a majority of the City Council.

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