19 March 2012

Oh The Humanity!

Who is speaking up for the mothers who, under HHS mandate [that insurance policies cover oral contraception], have been falsely coerced into feeling that to be a woman means to have “control” of their own bodies?

From Joshua Genig, pastor of The Lutheran Church of the Ascension (L.C.M.S.) in Atlanta, Georgia (currently in exile in Scotland studying theology at the University of St. Andrews, and presumably improving his golf game as well).

Who knew that President Obama was nefariously plotting to forcibly deny women their right to be raped and to bear somebody else's children without their consent?

One of the reliable ways to distinguish rights that conservatives push for from rights that liberals push for is that conservatives relentlessly push for rights that no sane human being would actually want.

Consider some of the rights conservatives strongly favor:

The right to not have access to health care, the right to not have control over your own body, the right to be poor, the right to pay rent for cockroach infested structurally unsound apartments, the right to let the felon next door intimate you with a gun, the right to receive incompetent professional services, the right to let your democratically elected officials make obviously bad policy decisions, the right to execute innocent people who had fair trials that reached incorrect results, the right to abuse your children, the right to breath dirty air, the right to flood the Everglades, the right to poison your neighbor's wells, the right of policemen to beat up or kill innnocent citizens without justification, the right to have your disputes with a business resolved by someone chosen by the business according to rules chosen by the business, the right to have no job security, the right to squander your Social Security contributions with bad investments in the stock market, the right to live in a city without streetlights, the right to accidentally injure people with impunity, the right to persecute people because they are gay, the right to declare your city, state and nation to be governed by your religion, the right of rich people to pay lower tax rates than poor people.

On what sick planet did conservatives come up with this agenda? Who wants these rights? Why should we care about these people?

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