14 March 2012

Republican State Legislators In Colorado Really Hate Birth Control

* Sen. Harvey declared that a program of mandating contraceptive coverage is "not a slippery slope, but a cliff" to "genocide somewhere down the road."

* Sen. Lambert called the policy "mind control," and read from a right-wing column warning that the same authority could be used to force the purchase of "euthanasia pills."

* Sen. Renfroe said that it could to a situation "where England was when their king decided he needed to rule the church."

From here.

On the merits of the policy they are fighting against, one good place to start would be to give oral contraceptives over the counter drug status.


ColoradoWatch said...

Birth control pills act as abortifacients, meaning they prevent a fertilized egg from inpanting on the uterine wall.
They don't simply "prevent" pregnancy, but terminate it at its earliest stage.

I'd like to add that abortions abruptly change the hormonal levels which naturally increase during pregnancy. This drastic, radical change wreaks its own havoc by increasing a woman's chances of breat cancer. Research supports this claim. Planned Paretnhood and the Susan Komen Foundation ought to get on board.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Having a child presents more of a health risk than having a legal abortion.

The definition of abortion Colorado Watch uses to call Birth Control pills aborifacients is a quite radical one which is not widely accepted even among those opposed to abortion.