07 December 2012

Just Plain Embarassing

When your neighborhood Target store gets shoplifted, it shows up in the weekly police blotter in the newspaper (several weeks later) and provides some grist for the watercooler about the stupidity of the thieves or the absurdity of the item stolen.

When you are the Israeli Air Force, renowned world wide as one of the most elite military organization in the world with a storied history over overcoming hostile enemy forces that put the very country's existence in question, it is just plain embarassing when someone steals several 3,700 pound fighter jet engines from one of your bases for the second year in a row, as someone did yesterday.

If somebody isn't in big trouble for not doing their job right in the Israeli Air Force right now, then something is deeply wrong with their organizational discipline.  If you see an F-16 engine for sale on E-Bay, this week, you may want to let the appropriate authorities know.

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