24 May 2013

Choking Your Boss So Badly It Leaves Marks Never A Good Idea

Peter Boyles, a well-known and sometimes-controversial radio host in Denver for 630 KHOW, will be off the air Friday after a heated physical exchange with one of his producers, multiple sources connected to the station confirm to 9NEWS.
Employees observed red marks on producer Greg Hollenback's neck within the minutes of the argument, which happened during Thursday morning's broadcast of the Peter Boyles Show.
From here.

On the upside, we don't necessarily expect the same level of temperance from talk radio hosts as we do from a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who not so long ago engaged in similar conduct with a fellow justice.  But, still, we are talking seasoned, middle aged or older, chair jockeys in either case, not twenty-something hockey players, and we really ought to be able to expect better behavior in both cases.  There are some kinds of conduct that are just not O.K. and are far beyond the pale.  This fits that description.

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