06 May 2013

Plan B Litigation Continues

The FDA currently permits women aged seventeen and older to obtain the "morning after pill" (a.k.a. Plan B contraception) without a prescription.  After losing in court on the age limit (which was contrary to the scientific panel recommendation of the FDA), which it is appealling, it announced it would reduce the age to fifteen.  While this is an improvement, it leaves young women aged 12 to 14 needing a prescription for this time sensitive method of preventing pregnancy, precisely the people for whom the desirability of preventing pregnancy is greatest and the ease of obtaining parental consent or a doctor's visit may be greatest.

It has been clear for a long time that women old enough to get pregnant need to be in control of their own reproductive health decisions without requireing parental permission or notice.  They are reproductive adults which is far more meaningful than the arbitrary age eighteen age of majority for most purposes.  But, getting there isn't an easy task.

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