30 June 2014

Pulling Punches

The Denver Post's latest article on the scandal surrounding the withdrawal of the City of Denver's old law firm, in the middle of allegations of impropriety by the City Attorney's office in a civil rights case, and its replacement by two new outside law firms, doesn't mention by name either the departing or incoming law firms, except the name of the new lead counsel.

This is public knowledge, but the Denver Post apparently doesn't want to risk the wrath of any of the law firms involved by providing it to the Denver Post's readers.  I will dig around and disclose this information in due course once I have time to find it.

9News mentions one of the incoming firms, Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Shreck, but not the outgoing firm.

The Denver Post has also failed to report on significant layoffs happening in its own organization.

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