03 June 2014

Weird Blog Reader Habits

Nine of the ten blog posts at this blog read most recently in the last month are more than four years old (going back to 2006).

A couple are perennials that have always received high traffic due to continuing interest in the subject, like a discussion of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". But, many others are deeply out of date local Colorado election results, or otherwise have no logical reason for being read five hundred or six hundred times a month these days, when other posts that have drawn large amounts of search engine driven traffic for years do not. 

I do get a considerable number of spam comments at this blog, particular at certain posts (e.g. one about title lending, a form of subprime consumer lending, for a variety of subprime consumer loan offers), but the old posts receiving high traffic and the posts that tend to accumulate spam posts (and continue to do so) seem to have nothing to do with each other.

I have no idea what is driving this pattern. Is this some form of advertising traffic/SEO technique that I don't understand.  Could it be that perhaps the posts contain dead links that are now ad sites to which traffic is being funneled? Is there something wrong with the Blogger built in stats software? Or what?

Any insight you can provide in the comments is appreciated.

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