29 September 2015

Pro-Independence Representatives Win Majority In Catalonia's Elections

Results are in from the most recent election for the regional parliament of Spain's autonomous region of Catalonia, which is linguistically distinct from Spanish and has been agitating for independence for some time. Catalonia is somewhat more affluent than the nation as a whole.

Pro-Independence parties won 48% of the votes cast and a majority of the seats in the Catalan parliament (72), while parties opposed to independence won 39% of the vote and 52 seats in parliament. Other parties secured 13% of the vote garnering 11 seats.

This likely means that serious efforts to gain independence, or at least, more autonomy, for Catalonia, are likely to gain steam.  The central government of Spain opposes the effort.  Catalans would like to remain in the EU, but one of the most difficult questions is how investments in public pension scheme would be split up in the event of succession in the face of a reluctant or outright objecting central government.

Basque regions which are also linguistically distinct and more affluent than Spain as a whole would also like greater autonomy or independence.

Between Basque and Catalan regions, these areas make up a substantial share of Spain's population, land area, and GDP.

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