10 November 2015

Cowardly Chicken Little Colorado Sheriffs

I have pretty much no respect whatsoever for the 41 Colorado Sheriff's who have written a letter to President Obama explaining that they are terrified that Guantanamo Bay inmates held in a maximum security prison in Colorado would "significantly - and unnecessarily - endanger our citizens."

This simply does not pass any reasonable reality check and makes this prisoners out to be comic book supervillains, rather than the bunch of mostly low level, mostly Yemeni al-Queda functionaries who haven't even committed any war crimes, that most of them are in fact.

The notion that some dangerous al-Queda fifth columnists would try to spring these detainees from a Colorado prison is simply laughable.  They would stand out like a sore thumb and have a very long way to go to a safe haven, unlike the current site in Cuba, where the Cuban government would likely embrace with open arms any escaped detainee and could do so with impunity.

The letter says much more about how cowardly and detached from reality most of these local government elected officials in Colorado are, than it does about the realities of the policy issues involved.

This is simply partisan demagoguery at its worst.  The politicians, including a few Democrats, who have given any credibility to this argument, deserve similar scorn.

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