26 November 2015


The Denver Broncos have an 8-2 win-loss record this year, tied with some other teams for third, but probably the best of that lot according to other statistics.  My brother's team, the New England Patriots, which has defeated the Broncos in two recent Superbowls, is 10-0.  So is the Carolinas team. (I have never gotten around to learning the names of all of the league expansion teams).

So, it looks like history has a decent chance of repeating itself in a Patriots-Broncos Superbowl number 50 (the convention of using Roman Numerals has collapsed since lots of people wouldn't know what Superbowl L meant), in which the Patriots prevail.



Kevin Dickson said...

Wait a second, since both teams are AFC, they have never and will never meet in the Superbowl

andrew said...

You are probably right. Must have been the AFC championship playoffs where they faced off (I admit that I don't know much about football).