26 November 2015

Evolution Acceptance Rising In U.S., Especially Among The Young

John Hawks examines some surveys in the last few years that show acceptance of evolution finally attaining majority support among younger Americans (age 18-29). Here is the money chart from the a Pew study he discusses:

The United States has been slow to emerge from it demon haunted world, mostly due to the strength of Evangelical Christianity in parts of the United States.  But, there does seem to be reason to hope that there will eventually be some progress.

UPDATE: A fair amount of the anti-atheist sentiment in the United States is traceable Cold War anti-communist sentiment, as the communist movement was officially atheistic, much of it propagated during the Eisenhower administration during which "under God" entered the Pledge of Allegiance, "In God We Trust" showed up on U.S. currency, and Ten Commandments statutes appeared in public places across small town America.  This encouraged fundamentalist Christians with adherence to its tenants viewed as an anti-communist political act.

In the era of today's young people, in contrast, the national specter has largely been religious terrorists.  Perhaps, some of the resurgence in pro-science litmus test statements reflects a political identity formed in opposition to religious terrorism.  This could also help explain the rise in the number of people identifying as "not religious".

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