26 September 2016

Debate One Over, When Will The Insanity End?

Please, please, please will some of the hundred million plus people who supported Trump wake up from the insanity soon before they cast their ballots?

Why do so many people just not get it?

Even many Republican elites and Fortune 100 CEOs get it. Almost every other country in the world gets it. The media gets it.

Sure, I understand that there are some people who can't be won over, white supremacist leaders, hard core conspiracy theorists, survivalists, people who listen to nothing but talk radio.

But, lots of Trump supporters are seemingly reliable, sensible business owners and honest workers, who go to church every week, who pay their mortgages and their taxes, who graduated from high school, and raised children who weren't totally screwed up.  How can people like that support a guy like Trump?

It truly blows my mind.

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