16 December 2016

Man Sentenced For Killing Denver Cab Driver

A 20-year-old man has been sentenced to 48 years in prison for the September 2015 fatal shooting of a beloved Denver taxi cab driver during a botched robbery. 
Prosecutors say the sentence was the maximum allowed for Dasean Perry under a plea agreement. In September, he admitted to second-degree murder and attempted aggravated robbery in the slaying of 49-year-old Darren Bloomquist
Bloomquist was driving a cab early on Sept. 5, 2015, and was dispatched to the 20000 block of E. Mitchell Place. The Denver District Attorney’s Office says when he arrived, Bloomquist was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. 
The sentence was handed down Thursday in Denver District Court, prosecutors say. Perry had just turned 19 when the shooting happened.
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Many of my relatives share a surname with the cab driver, although some limited inquiries that I've made suggest that he was not a close relative (my relatives adopted this new surname upon moving to America, because their's sounded bad in English, so this isn't surprising).

The offender won't be eligible for parole for about 36 years if he has perfect good behavior during his term, which he probably won't be able to manage.

It is a pretty typical result for a pretty typical murder case. Given the attempted robbery charge, prosecutors could have charged first degree felony murder which would have carried a sentence of life in prison or death, but no doubt used that leverage to secure a plea agreement that gave the defendant some chance at release from prison before his death and avoided the death penalty.

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