23 December 2016

Texas Still Evil

Texas remains a state full of evil, twisted people who elected representatives bent on making the world a more evil and inhumane place. It is basically hell on Earth and I don't see why anyone would ever willingly live there, but apparently millions of people disagree with me on this point. 
[T]he Texas Department of State Health Services, (a place where medical evidence is given the same weight as the results of a Magic 8 ball) has approved a regulation that requires burials for ALL fetal tissue that comes from a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or an abortion performed at a Texas healthcare facility. 
And who benefits from this, you ask? The clinics? Nope. The Patients? Nope.
 Weirdly, the only people it would benefit are funeral directors — and wait for it — they fought hard AGAINST the regulation because it’s well... CREEPY AND UNNECESSARY AF!
When the only people who stand to gain anything think it’s a bad idea and want nothing to do with it, one would think that the issue would be laid to rest, but not this group of zealots. Their motives are not based on anything other than creating yet another insane roadblock that puts undue financial burdens on clinics so they can no longer afford to stay open.

How this will affect pregnant people?

Well, because it is intentionally sketchy in detail and the regulation was vaguely written, it could put a woman having a miscarriage at home in a position of weighing whether or not she should go to a hospital because she isn’t sure if she will have to pay for a fetus funeral, if she decides to get the medical help she needs! Again, whose dignity do you care about again? Good Lord!

Now there is some good news: This Texas buffoonery was just put on hold until January thanks to a federal judge. But then comes January...

And bad news: This is not just a Texas thing.

Similar laws in Louisiana and Indiana have also been passed and shot down in court. But that doesn’t give anti-choice lunatics a moment’s pause. They’ll keep churning out regulations like this until they find a court that will let it stand. And with President-elect Donald Trump, that court may well be the Supreme Court.
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See also here, so it is clear that Texas is not consistently pro-life in the Roman Catholic sense.

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