05 January 2017

Life Without Technology

I am back from vacation. Today is the first day in ten days that I have:

1. Used my own computer.
2. Used the Internet (except once on a kid's device to read the Wikipedia entry setting for the rules for the card game "Hearts"). For example, I have not used email, online news, social media, blog software, Google, etc.
3. Used any computer (except one use of the Internet described above, and to review drafts of college application essays on a word processor on a kid's computer).
4. Listened to the radio or any other recorded music.
5. Drove a car.
6. Used a phone or camera (including texting).
7. Watched any video media (TV or otherwise).
8. Used a bathroom scale.
9. Read any books or articles in e-media.
10. Use a "walk-don't walk" sign.
11. Read a newspaper or magazine.
12. Used a shaver or razor.
13. Used a heater or air conditioner.

I also did not use a calculator or watch or ATM card or loyalty card or coffee machine.

An ordinary paper journals, ordinary paper books and ordinary several thousand year old ethanol technologies and the natural interface of land and water, were quite sufficient to entertain me.

I will admit to using an electric toothbrush, a microwave oven, refrigerator, and a credit card, however. Some technologies you can't live without.


Dave Barnes said...

Nice teaser.
Now, where did you go?

andrew said...

Puerta Vallarta. It was 81 degrees and sunny when I had lunch yesterday. I arrived back to 5 degrees and a blowing snowstorm with -3 with windchill. As the flight attendants told us, it's back to reality.

Dave Barnes said...

We love PVR.
A real city.
Excellent food.
They do have the internets there.

andrew said...

I know that they do (my kids used it for Facebook and college application submittals), but I chose not to use it and it would have cost $$ to do so.