19 January 2017

Microsoft Engineer Patents Easier To Misplace Cell Phone

If you are like me and most of my friends, family members and associates, you frequently misplace your mobile phone. 

But, Microsoft's lead engineer apparently thinks that a mobile phone with four magnetically connected pieces, any one of which you could misplace rendering the whole a brick, could amplify this problem. This would lead to the happy result that people would need to buy more mobile phones resulting in massive new revenue streams in an industry whose products, if they are not called "iPhones", have slim profit margins. 
Microsoft's lead mechanical engineer has patented a foldable phone – 2x1 or 3x1 pieces. Here's an improvement: a 2x2 with four foldable pieces. A fuzzy picture worth millions of dollars and TRF readers can have it for free. The quarters of the foldable phablet look like 4-inch phones of thickness 5 mm, but this beast of total thickness 2 cm may be expanded to an 8-inch thin tablet-phone. The upper half of the vertical separating axis is cut, and those parts may be stuck together with magnets. The lower part of the vertical separator is connected by hinges near the display. The beast may also be folded around the horizontal axis near the middle, with hinges on the back side. When you pack your phone into the 4-inch thick friend, the two upper quarters of the display appear on the external sides of the thick phone and may be used as displays of the 4-inch phone on both sides.
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