27 December 2017

Problems That Can Be Solved With Money

Not all problems can be solved with money. But, given a choice between a regulatory/statutory solution and an money solution, solving a problem with money is often the better choice. Money solutions can be public sector or private sector. They can come from local government, from state government, or from the federal government, or even an international organization. Some examples follow:

Voter Suppression

Material numbers of voters don't vote because they don't have a photo ID. Money can provide every single adult with a photo ID.

Material numbers of voters don't vote because they aren't registered to vote. Money can greatly increase voter registration rates.

Material numbers of voters don't vote because they have trouble getting to the polls. Money can deliver people to the polls.

Impaired Driving

Money can make it possible for impaired drivers to get home without driving, saving many lives.

Abortion and Birth Control

Money can remove financial barriers to abortion and birth control, including travel and lodging at distant locations for abortion providers if necessary and litigation costs for minor's to obtain judicial bypasses for abortions.

Pre-Natal And Infant Care

Money spent on pre-natal care for pregnant women and care for infants can materially reduce infant  and maternal mortality.

Pre-Trial Detention and Debtor's Incarceration

Money can make it possible for people to be released pending trial and can secure the release of people who are wrongfully incarcerated for non-payment of fines or costs or other sums of money that are due.


Money for counsel for immigrants facing deportation can greatly reduce wrongful deportations.


Money can eliminate the financial burden of having a rape kit done for victims of rape and can insure that every rape kit it promptly tested, leading to convictions of rapists and the prevention of serial rapes.


Money spent on forensic investigation of burglaries can greatly reduce burglary rates. Each arrest of a serial burglar prevents scores of future burglaries.

Court System Delays

Money can reduce court system delays by paying for more judges, more prosecutors, more public defenders, more clerks, more judicial staff, and so on. It is possible with minimal spending relative to overall state and federal budgets, to have motions routinely ruled upon promptly, to have appeals decided almost as fast as they can be argued, to have records prepared promptly, to have court orders enforced by sheriffs promptly, and so on.


Money can make it possible to routinely issue passports in a matter of days.

Harm Reduction

Money to make anti-opioid drugs can significantly reduce overdose deaths.

Money for needle exchanges and other harm reduction programs for injection drug users can greatly reduce rate of infection with HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and other diseases.

Unpaid Child Support and Alimony

Money spent on skip tracing and minimal legal assistance in debt collection can reduce rates of unpaid child support and alimony.

Mental Health Care

Money spent on mental health care can reduce rates of homelessness, suicide, ER visits, and incarceration for minor crimes.

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