14 June 2020

Take Guns Away From Family Members Who Can't Use Them Properly

If you know enough to excuse your father's criminal conduct after the fact based upon his mental health issues, you had a moral responsibility to take away his guns before an incident like this one happened. 

President Trump, of course, in addition to agitating this man until he criminally harassed a couple of innocent men, also blocked a measure that would have kept guns away from people who were dangerously mentally ill. But, just because the law doesn't require you to take action doesn't mean you don't have a moral responsibility to do so.
LOVELAND, Colo. — A Loveland man faces felony charges after allegedly concluding that two men going door-to-door in his neighborhood were members of the protest movement known as Antifa – and then ordering them to the ground and holding them at gunpoint. . . .  The incident unfolded after the man called police, said there were two men wearing masks near his home, and announced he was armed and going to go confront them. 
. . . When officers arrived in the 2400 block of Dawn Court around 6 p.m. Thursday, they encountered Scott Gudmundsen dressed in fatigues and holding two men on the ground at gunpoint. . . . But the men weren’t troublemakers – they work for a local roofing company and were wearing blue polo shirts with the firm’s name on them, shorts, tennis shoes and white surgical-style masks. 
. . . One of them is a Colorado State University football player who is 20 years old and works part-time at the roofing company. The student is a "man of color," according to a statement from the university.  The other man is 27 and an employee of the roofing company. . . . 
“They were canvassing the neighborhood because of the recent hail storms[[.]" . . .  There was no evidence that either of the men did anything wrong. “Nothing at all[.]" 
. . . At the scene, police arrested Gudmundsen, 65, who lives around the corner from where police encountered him. Gudmundsen was armed with two weapons, Shaffer told 9Wants to Know: A Glock pistol, and a second Glock pistol that had been converted into a longer weapon that looked like a carbine rifle. Police seized both guns as evidence, Shaffer said.
The incident unfolded in a southwest Loveland neighborhood a few blocks west of Thompson Valley High School. . . .  Gudmundsen called police, said there were two “Antifa guys” in the neighborhood and that, “I am going out there to confront them.” Gudmundsen told police in the call he was armed and wearing tactical gear, Shaffer said.

A second person also called police around the same time and said a man in fatigues was holding two people on the ground at gunpoint in the street.

President Trump has suggested that Antifa agitators have been responsible for recent demonstrations across the country calling for greater police accountability in use-of-force incidents.

According to Larimer County Jail records, Gudmundsen was booked at 6:14 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of two counts of felony menacing and two counts of false imprisonment. He is scheduled to be in court June 18. A man who said he was his son, Stanley Gudmundsen, emailed 9NEWS and said his father is ill and currently undergoing treatment at a mental health facility. 

"Our sincerest thoughts go out to the two salesmen and we apologize to them and their families for the actions of our father and wish them well," he wrote.
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