30 October 2020

Colorado Ballot Issues For 2020 In A Nutshell

Here is a thumbnail summary of the state ballot issues in Colorado with my recommendations.

Yes. B - Repeals Gallagher Amendment. Together with TABOR and other measures underfunds schools and local governments, and overconstrains state budget.

Yes. C - Make it easier for charities to get bingo licenses. Does no harm.

No. 76 - Misleading language actually disenfranchises people.

Yes. 77 - Allows more kinds of gambling at Colorado casinos with local approval.

Yes. EE - nicotine tax. More kinds of nicotine taxed at significantly higher rates.

Yes. 113 - Adds Colorado to National Popular Vote compact when enough states approve it. The electoral college is bad and this could help eliminate it.

Yes. 114 - Reintroduce gray wolves to Colorado, compensate herders for losses. Good ecologically for Colorado and fair to farmers impacted by it.

No. 115- Prohibits late term abortions. Probably unconstitutional anyway.

No. 116 - Reduces income tax rate. The state needs to money and is already broke.

No. 117 - Expands scope of TABOR to new public enterprise formation. TABOR is bad.

Yes. 118 - Government run family and medical paid leave with payroll tax. 0.9% payroll tax - half employer, half employee.

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